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Induction and Fuel System Cleaning

The sophisticated fuel-injection/ induction systems on today’s modern vehicles require a steady stream of clean and contaminant-free air and gasoline.

Solar Lube’s 2-part Induction/Fuel service will clean the power-robbing carbon deposits from the valves, pistons and rings that accumulate as you drive. In addition, the service includes the application of a powerful fuel-injector cleaning agent that will ensure the proper spray pattern from your injectors that lets your engine deliver all the power, economy and dependability it was designed for.

Solar Lube, along with leading automotive organizations A.M.R.A. as well as the S.A.E endorses the Induction and Fuel System Cleaning every 15,000 to 18,000 miles.

Starts at $69.99 plus sales tax

Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement

Bad weather is no place to discover that you need new windshield wiper blades. Good quality wiper blades are a necessity for safe driving in inclement weather, and your local Solar Lube has a wide variety of OEM-quality wiper blades in stock at all times.

On your next visit to Solar Lube, your technician will examine your wipers and if they need replacement, you can have him install new blades in only a few minutes.

Gearbox Services

Front and rear differentials, transfer cases, final drives and manual transmissions all fall under the heading of ‘gearboxes’. A fluid-filled gearbox has no filtering system, and operates under ambient pressure. This necessitates fluid replacement at regular intervals to maintain smooth, long-lasting and trouble-free operation.

Solar Lube technicians can perform most gear-box fluid replacement services in as little as 10 minutes, using the exact, factory-specified lubricants as required by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

When a gearbox service is performed by your Solar Lube technician at the recommended factory intervals, you will have the assurance of knowing that you have added years of quiet and smooth operation to your vehicle.

Starts at $39.99

Headlight Restoration Service

Many of today’s vehicles use polycarbonate (plastic) lenses in the construction of their headlight assemblies. While polycarbonate is lighter, more durable and less expensive than glass, the clarity of the lenses do not hold up as well to the harsh elements of a sunny, hot and humid climate, resulting in a yellowed, cloudy and dangerously hazy headlight lenses.

Solar Lube technicians can restore your hazy polycarbonate headlight lenses to a like-new condition in as little as 20 minutes, restoring the safe levels of lighting and clear vision needed to protect you as well as others on the road.

Ask your Solar Lube technician about the Headlight Restoration Service on your next visit.

Starts at $69.99 plus tax

Cooling System Flush

Cooling system failure is the #1 leading cause of vehicle breakdown. Proper maintenance of your vehicle’s cooling system will ensure that you do not become a part of that statistic.

Your cooling system ensures that your engine will operate within the safe temperature range it was designed to, as well as prevent corrosion and damaging build-up of scale and rust within the system.

This will:
· Remove all the old, contaminated fluid from your cooling system
· Install the proper amount of high-performance ‘global’ coolant/anti-freeze
· Ensure consistent and reliable engine cooling
· Lubricate the water pump bearings
· Prevent internal corrosion to cooling system components
· Add years of reliable, trouble-free performance to your entire cooling system

Your Solar Lube technician can perform the cooling system flush to your vehicle at the intervals recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

Starts at $89.99 plus sales tax

Serpentine Belt

The accessory-drive systems on today’s engines most often consist of a single, multi-ribbed belt that drives every accessory. This single belt ‘snakes around’ all the pulleys, earning its ‘serpentine’ name. Your serpentine belt should be changed about every 60,000 miles, or when obvious signs of deterioration are visible on the belt.

Your Solar Lube technician will inspect your serpentine belt as a part of your oil change service on your next visit, and if needed, he has the proper belts and tools in stock to install a new serpentine belt in as little as 15 minutes.

Starts at $69.99

Cabin Air Filter

Most of today’s modern vehicles contain a sophisticated “cabin air filter” within the vehicle’s air conditioning/ ventilation systems. The cabin air filter traps and prevents dust, pollen, and other allergy-causing pollutants from entering the passenger area of your vehicle…providing you with a consistent supply of fresh, healthy air to breath. The cabin air filter system will also trap cigar and cigarette smoke, helping to keep the interior of your vehicle clean and smoke-free.

Ask your Solar Lube technician to examine your cabin air filter for you on your next visit.

Starts at $39.99

PCV Valve

The “Positive Crankcase Ventilation” valve is an emissions-mandated device on most gasoline-engines that provides for the ‘re-burning’ of oily, contaminated crankcase vapors that accumulates under typical driving in any engine.

A properly functioning PCV valve will help your engine maintain its peak emission control as well as provide you a smoother-running and cleaner-burning engine. Another benefit of the PCV valve is to help keep your motor oil cleaner for a longer period…beneficial not only to the long life of your engine, but to our environment as well.

Your Solar Lube technician can install a new PCV valve for you whenever it is necessary.

Starts at $9.99 plus tax

Fuel Filter Replacement

Today’s sophisticated fuel-injected vehicles require a steady supply of clean, filtered fuel to maintain the smooth performance that they had when new. Having your Solar Lube technician install a new fuel filter for you every 20,000 to 25,000 miles will ensure long engine life as well as the best engine performance and economy.

Starts at $39.99

Power Steering Flush

Flushing the old, oxidized power steering fluid out of your system and replacing it with fresh power steering fluid will help to prevent power steering fluid leaks, hard steering and can help to eliminate the whining sound from old power steering pumps. A Power Steering Flush should be performed on your vehicle about every 18,000 to 22,000 miles.

In about 15 minutes or less, a Solar Lube technician can perform this vital 2-part service to your power steering system, ensuring easy steering for you, and a long, trouble-free life for your power steering system.

Starts at $69.99

Air Filter Replacement

Your engine requires a steady and consistent flow of clean air to mix with gasoline (or diesel) to provide you with all the power, smoothness and fuel economy it was designed to deliver. A clean air filter ensures that only filtered and dust-free air enters your engine, preventing any abrasive and damaging air-borne particles from entering your engine.

Request that your Solar Lube technician install a new air filter for you every 12 to 15,000 miles, or whenever the air filter is visibly dirty.

Exterior Light Bulb Replacement

Proper operation of all your exterior lighting is mandatory in most states, and is necessary for the safe operation your vehicle in adverse driving conditions. Effective lighting allows others to see you from a safe distance and also allows you to see them.

There are many, many different types and styles of light bulbs used in today’s vehicles. Your local Solar Lube stocks the wide variety of bulbs needed and your Solar Lube technician can install the bulbs you need in only a few minutes.

A thorough check of the proper operation of all your exterior lighting is included in every Solar Lube oil change service, and your technician will inform you if any of your bulbs need replacement.

Starts at $7.99 installed

Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange

Fresh and robust ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) is critical to the long life and proper operation of your automatic transmission. Your vehicle manufacturer specifies time and mileage intervals for the ATF exchange service that will ensure the long-term dependability of your transmission.

Excessive heat is the #1 killer of ATF, and consequently automatic transmissions. ATF that has been overheated only a single time, or has been exposed to repeated, long-term intervals of high temperatures cannot protect your transmission as it was designed to, and should be changed.

Solar Lube technicians can perform the ATF fluid exchange on your vehicle in about 15 minutes on most vehicles, using the correct specified fluids and additives required by your manufacturer. This gives you and your automatic transmission the best chance possible to “beat the heat”.

Starts at $99.99 for cars

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